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Austin TX and San Antonio Standard Investor Program

This is our standard investor program for all types of residential real estate including multi-family investment properties. This program varies slightly from some of our others so read carefully. If you are interested in this particular program please mention when you apply or call us that you are inquiring about the "standard investor program". Thanks. Apply Online Now

Standard Investor Program Highlights

  • All types of residential real estate including multi family
  • Stated income and stated asset programs. No income verification
  • No FICO minimums
  • Purchase and refi's
  • Will lend as much as 95% of purchase price and 75% of rehab on purchases!
  • Competitive hard money interest rates: 11.99% interest rate, 3 points and no hidden costs
  • Will rebate 1 point if we are paid off in 90 days or less so now 2 points instead of 3!
  • No prepayment penalty
  • We allow entities of all types: LLC, Self-Directed IRA, etc
  • Sleep better with longer terms! 5 year balloon on all loans! No more crazy extension fees on a six month balloon that other lenders hit you with!
  • No longer require 2 months in additional escrow reserves on most properties

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