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Our Investment Refinance or Cashouts Program

Do you have a loan that must be paid off due to a balloon payment coming due?

Would you like to pull cash out of your investment property to improve the property or for personal or business reasons?

Our program is perfect for the investor wanting to improve a property in disrepair in order to make it a bankable property with a conventional lender or community banker. We can help you be refinancing investment properties that are currently in your real estate portfolio. We can approve the loan within 24 hours and close within 7 days. Apply Online Now

Investment Refinance Program Highlights

  • 12% Interest rate
  • 5 Year Balloon
  • Up to 70% Loan to Value
  • 20 Year Amortization

If you have several investment properties that are free and clear or have very low leverage, we can provide you cash by incorporating several properties under one loan. Call or email us now with your investment property refinance scenario in order for our loan officers to give you a fast approval.

Bad credit scores are OK in our investment refinance program. We base most of our decision on the equity in the property and the property dynamics.

Call us today at 866.779.2453