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Do you own a property free and clear or low balance?
We can fund investment property loans that need rehab or cash out for business purposes. We are very flexible on income verification and credit scores. If you have a low mortgage balance on your home and are behind on property taxes, mortgage payments and are planning to sell we can help. Loan-to-value is slightly lower than purchase and rehab loans and generally must be at or below 60%. No owner occupied property loans will be considered.
Properties in foreclosure can be funded. We do not provide funding for the purchase of properties at an auction. We will fund a property that has been purchased at an auction and has a clear title.

Do you have a residential property that you would like to purchase and rehab?
Rehab loans are often short-term loans for property acquisition and repair. Investors either sell the property or hold it as a rental property by refinancing into a lower cost mortgage solution.